Title Age Country General description Machine code Modern namesort descending Name number other names Period Title Type Use Location
Ballana and Qustul (Nubia) Coptic Egypt Saqiya pots Ballana Ballana and Qustul (Nubia) 213 V -VI BC Ballana and Qustul (Nubia) saqiya
Cordoba Area 2 Post-Roman? Spain Rica Romanas mine Saqiya pot (the shape bears much more resemblance to Islamic than to Roman) Cordoba 2 Cordoba Area 2 223 Cordoba Area 2 saqiya
Dakka (Nubia) Egypt Saqiya pots Dakka Dakka (Nubia) 228 IV BC ? Dakka (Nubia) saqiya
Ehnasya (Egypt) Roman and Coptic Egypt Saqiya pot Roman or Coptic? found in a Roman house Ehnasya Ehnasya (Egypt) 232 Ihnasya el-Medina, Heracleopolis Magna I-II AD Ehnasya (Egypt) saqiya
Medinet Habu 2 late Roman or Coptic Egypt Two saqiya pots MH2-Sq Medinet Habu 2 170 Medinet Habu 2 saqiya
Qau and Badari (Egypt) Imperial Egypt Two Saqiya pots QB-Sp Qau and Badari (Egypt) 191 I AD Qau and Badari (Egypt) saqiya
Tel-Dor Roman Israel In three different sites found at least four saqiya mechanism. Most of them are dated to Roman period (2nd-3rd century and 1st century) Te-Dor Saqiya mechanism I BC-III AD Tel-Dor saqiya for agriculture


North District
Tel-Ashdod Late Roman Israel Tel-Ashdod saqiya mechanism II-V AD Tel-Ashdod saqiya

Tel Ashdod

Tuna el Gebel Roman or Coptic Egypt a saqiya mechanism Tuna-el Gebel saqiya I BC Tuna el Gebel saqiya raising water for irrigatation
Wadi Es-Sebua and Adindan (Nubia) Roman Egypt Saqiya pots During the survey between Wadi Es-Sebua and Adindan at least one coarse red-ware saqiya pot was recovered. Es-SebuAdi-Sq Wadi Es-Sebua and Adindan (Nubia) 207 late III-IV Wadi Es-Sebua and Adindan (Nubia) saqiya
Yavne-Yam Late Roman Israel Yavne-Yam; Hellenistic-Roman city, ancient port of Yavne saqiya installation probably used for irrigational purpose however there is also a Roman bath. Yavne saqiya mechanism II-V AD Yavne-Yam saqiya for agriculture


YavneCenter District