Title Age Country General description Machine code Modern name Name number other names Period Titlesort descending Type Use Location
Alcaracejos Post-Roman? Spain Tres Naciones mine remains of water-screw with crank handle? date:post-Roman? Alcaracejos water-screw (κοΧλιας) to dewater the mine


Ayni (between Carchemish and Samsat) Roman Turkey water-screw installation to a small fort on the Euphrates river a Roman inscription from AD 73 showed that Vespasian and Titus had constructed a water-screw water-screw I AD-II AD Ayni (between Carchemish and Samsat) water-screw (κοΧλιας)
Linares area, Centenillo mine Imperial Spain Five water-screws Cento-Ws Linares area, Centenillo mine 154 I BC-III AD Linares area, Centenillo mine water-screw (κοΧλιας) draining water