Rose Bluhm (Bluhm-Guttmann)

Prename: Rose
Surname: Bluhm (Bluhm-Guttmann)
Profession: Physicist, educator
Birthday: 07/15/1891
Place of birth: Breslau (Wrocław)
Married since: 1921
Married to: Arno Guttmann
Profession husband: lawyer
Children: Michael (born 1923)
Education: University studies (mathematics, chemistry, physics, psychology, philosophy) in Breslau and Göttingen; 1914–15 war service as a nurse; 1915 state examination
Career: 1919 senior high school teacher (*Oberstudienrätin*) in Breslau; 1933 dismissed; 1933–38 deputy director of the Jewish high school in Breslau; lectures on science for students excluded from school and teaches night-school classes at the Jewish elementary school in Breslau; 1938 Arno Guttmann imprisoned, family tries to emigrate to Guttmann’s brother Carl in the United States, Rose Bluhm’s call for help reaches the American Association of University Women (AAUW) through Albert Einstein; failure of all AAUW efforts to get Bluhm a position at a women’s college and thus a “non-quota” visa for the family
Memberships: German Federation of University Women (DAB); Breslau Women’s Club