Dr. Alice Apt

Title: Dr.
Prename: Alice
Surname: Apt
Profession: Teacher, specialist in German studies
Birthday: 09/06/1910
Place of birth: Dresden
Education: 1928 final high school examinations (*Abitur*) at the municipal high school for girls in Dresden; 1929–36 university studies (German, history, philosophy) in Freiburg, Munich, and Königsberg; 1936 doctorate, 1939–42 English Studies at the University of London; 1943 London Teachers’ Diploma
Career: 1936–39 teacher at the Jewish Adult Education Institute in Dresden; March 1939 emigrates to Britain, initially housekeeper and governess in a private household; 1940 teacher and warden at the Beacon Hostel for Refugee Girls in Tunbridge Wells, subsequently voluntary work for the Movement for the Care of Children, Bloomsbury House; 1941–42 nanny in a private household; 1943–45 teacher, County Council School in Watford; 1945–65 senior German mistress at the North London Collegiate School
Memberships: From 1928 active member of the youth movement; German Federation of University Women (DAB); from 1939 contact with the British Federation of University Women (BFUW)
Major works: *Caroline und die frühromantische Gesellschaft* (diss.; Dresden, 1936); *Die Schmugglerin und ihr Sohn* (1963, novel by Adolf Haller, edited for the New Oxford German Readers)