Docteur des Lettres Amélie Arató

Title: Docteur des Lettres
Prename: Amélie
Surname: Arató
Profession: High school teacher
Education: Doctorate from the Sorbonne, Paris
Career: High school teacher in Budapest; 1932 granted paid leave by the Hungarian government to compile a comparative study for the International Federation of University Women (IFUW) on the higher education of girls in Europe and the United States
Memberships: Federation of Hungarian Women Academics
Biographical literature: Joyce Goodman, “Cosmopolitan Women Educators, 1920–1939: Inside/Outside Activism and Abjection,” *Paedagogica Historia* 46 (2010), no. 1–2: 69–83
Major works: *L’enseignement secondaire des jeunes filles en Europe* (Brussels: J. Lebègue, 1934)