Dr. Kristine Bonnevie

Title: Dr.
Prename: Kristine
Surname: Bonnevie
Profession: Biologist, zoologist
Birthday: 10/08/1872
Place of birth: Trondheim
Date of death: 08/30/1948
Place of death: Oslo
Education: 1892 university studies (medicine, zoology) in Oslo; 1898–99 cytological studies in Zurich and 1900–01 in Würzburg; 1906–07 Columbia University, 1907 doctorate
Career: 1910 curator of the Museum of Zoology, Oslo University; 1912–19 professor extraordinarius of zoology, Oslo University; 1916–37 director of the Institute of Genetics, Oslo; 1919–37 full professor of zoology
Memberships: 1908–19 member of the city council of Christiania; 1916–18 deputy in the Norwegian parliament; 1911 Norwegian Academy of Sciences; 1920 Royal Order of Merit; 1920–24 Norwegian delegation to the League of Nations; 1920 founding member and 1922–25 president, Norwegian Federation of University Women
Biographical literature: Ida Stamhuis and Arne Monsen, Kristine Bonnevie, Tina Tammes and Elisabeth Schiemann in Early Genetics: Emerging Chances for a University Career for Women,” *Journal for the History of Biology* 40 (2007), no. 3: 427–66
Major works: *Neue Norwegische Hydroiden* (Bergen: Grieg, 1899); *Physiologische Polyspermie* (Oslo: Cammermeyer, 1906); “Studies on Papillary Patterns of Human Fingers,” *Journal of Genetics* 15 (1924), no. 1: 1–111; *Vererbbarer Cerebrospinaldefekt bei Mäusen* (Oslo: Dybwad in komm, 1931); *The Educational Role of Broadcasting* (Paris: International Institute of Intellectual Cooperation, 1935); *Die Grundlagen der Erbbiologie des Menschen* (with Ernst Hanhart et al.; Berlin: Springer, 1940)