Dr. Luise Berthold

Title: Dr.
Prename: Luise
Surname: Berthold
Profession: Specialist in German studies, professor
Birthday: 01/27/1891
Place of birth: Berlin
Date of death: 10/03/1983
Place of death: Marburg
Education: 1909–14 university studies (German, theology, philosophy) in Berlin and Marburg; 1914 state examination; 1920 doctorate in Marburg
Career: From 1916 fellow of Ferdinand Wrede’s dialectological institute in Marburg; 1923 university lecturer qualification (*Habilitation*); 1930 professor extraordinarius of German studies; 1934 directs work on the Hessen-Nassau dialect dictionary; 1940 associate professor, 1952 professor extraordinarius, Marburg University
Memberships: 1919 German People’s Party (DVP); 1934 Confessing Church; Christian Emergency Relief (Christliche Nothilfe); 1946–52 city councilor for the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP, later FDP) in Marburg; 1949 German Federation of University Women (DAB); 1949–57 chairs DAB higher education committee
Biographical literature: Inge Auerbach (ed.), *Catalogus Professorum Academiae Marburgensis. Die akademischen Lehrer der Philipps-Universität in Marburg*, vol. 2: 1911–1971 (Marburg: Elwert, 1979); Christine von Oertzen, “Luise Berthold. Hochschulleben und Hochschulpolitik zwischen 1909 und 1957,” *Feministische Studien* 20 (2002), no. 1: 8–22
Major works: *Hessen-Nassauisches Volkswörterbuch*, ed. Luise Berthold with Ferdinand Wrede, vol. 1 (A–K) (192); *Hessen-Nassauisches Volkswörterbuch*, vol. 2 (L–R) (1942), and vol. 3 (S) (1967); *Erlebtes und Erkämpftes. Ein Rückblick* (Marburg: Privately published, 1969)
Links: [obituary, ZDL](http://www.jstor.org/stable/40502831)