Jessie Marguerite Bowie-Menzler

Prename: Jessie Marguerite
Surname: Bowie-Menzler
Name of birth: Bowie
Married to: Frederick Menzler
Education: 1913 B.A. (modern history), University of Bristol; 1915 Diploma in Education, Oxford University; 1934 called to the Bar by the Middle Temple, London
Career: 1917–26 civil servant in the British Ministry of Labour, first implementing the minimum wage, then 1923–26 as trade inspector; 1926–34 insurance agent; from 1934 lawyer; 1939–45 works for the Ministry of Home Security, responsible for the evacuation of children to the United States and Canada, public welfare in London Underground air raid shelters, and welfare arrangements for fire wardens; 1945 works for UNRRA in the reconstruction of the formerly occupied countries and for the dissolution of Displaced Persons camps; 1945 heads British delegation to the UN Commission on Human Rights
Memberships: : From 1920 British Federation of University Women (BFUW); founding member of International Federation of University Women (IFUW) and 1928–47 IFUW treasurer; 1933–45 active in the BFUW and IFUW refugee assistance; 1944–76 member of the Crosby Hall Board of Directors; 1947–50 IFUW vice president; 1949 UN Human Rights Commission; 1955–58 BFUW president
Biographical literature: Bowie-Menzler, *Founders of Crosby Hall*, 28–30; *The Lady’s Who’s Who* (London: Pallas, 1939), 90
Major works: *Founders of Crosby Hall* (London: Privately published, 1981)