Ilse Balg

Prename: Ilse
Surname: Balg
Profession: Urban planner, lecturer
Birthday: 1907
Place of birth: Görlitz
Date of death: 1999
Place of death: Berlin
Education: University studies at the University of Berlin and Academy for Politics, Berlin
Career: 1930s research associate in regional studies; after 1945 regional studies expert for the Brandenburg state government; 1950 Academy of Regional Studies in Hannover; 1956 contract work for the Federal Ministry of Construction and Urban Planning; 1970 lecturer, 1972 non-salaried professor of urban studies at the Technical University Berlin; 1999 legacy to establish the Ilse Balg Foundation, Berlin
Memberships: 1930–34 student representative, German Federation of University Women (DAB); 1933 student member of DAB council; during studies member of the League of Academic Women’s Associations (Verband akademischer Frauenvereine)
Links: [Ilse Balg Stiftung](