Error messages about caching resources in Tomcat 8.5

Since Tomcat 8.5 (for me 8.0 did not show this behaviour) I got lots of error messages from Tomcat about the resource cache not being big enough.

The solution is to add

 <Resources cachingAllowed="false"/>

to the <Context> element in conf/context.xml.

How to set up logging in a Restlet in Jetty

To log messages in a Restlet (tested with 2.2.3) running in Jetty (tested with 8.1.11) you can use the default Java Logging mechanism i.e. java.util.logging.Logger.getLogger().

BUT the default log level is INFO.

To change the log level you need to

Installing DELLs RAID management software in Ubuntu

DELL's PowerVault RAIDs, e.g. the MD3800f have no external user interface. To configure the RAID you have to have DELLs admin software. Luckily its available for Linux (desides Windows), unfortunately its not available for Ubuntu (or Debian).

But it is possible to install and use the Java-based "SMclient" GUI admin tool also on Ubuntu:

Installation of Jetty 9.2 for digilib

Jetty 9 makes it possible to create instances separate from the main installation directory (like Tomcats CATALINA_BASE).

Quick installation instructions are on the Jetty pages.