Brown Bag Lunch Workshop #S2E07: Visualisation in the Humanities with Marian Dörk (12 January 2016)

Notes for Brown-Bag DH workshop S2E07 (12.1.2016)

Collaboratively taken notes (originally at:

Marian Dörk: From representation towards interpretation: Visualization in the humanities

 Participants: Martina, Josephine, Adrian, Juliane, Dirk, Robert, Christoph New project at FHP: Urban Complexity Lab in talk:

  • big-picture views
  • "seeing everything from nowhere" (Haraway)
  • Dörk: approaching complex data by (lateral) movements
  • Networks
    • as seen from the part or from the whole
    • monads (Tarde 1895, Latour 2012) as a point of view on all entities
  • "monadic principles"
    • Having
    • Difference
    • Movement

 Online examples: