Brown Bag lunch #S2E05: QGIS by Catherine Milova and Nungyao Lin (24 Novermber 2015)

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Notes for Brown-Bag DH workshop S2E05 (24.11.2015): QGIS map creation tool, by Catherine Milova and Nungyao Lin

Who's attending: Philipp Lehmann, Lino, Adrian, Ahmet, Shih-Pei, Dirk, Wilko, Francesca, Zoe, Marius


Part I: Hands-on with QGIS 

by Cathy

Files to download for this lecture: please download the attachment and unzip it into a folder.

Outline of the hands-on:

  1. Importing data to create a map in QGIS
    1. A background map (for example, terrian, open street map, historical maps)
    2. A tabular data set (in a spreadsheet or in a csv)
  2. Adjusting the map 
  3. Exporting a map from QGIS (via Print Composer)

Part II: Design a historical map: place names and layers

by Nungyao

The slides are at:


  1. Your Research Data (Tabular format)
    1. Geocode Placenames / Address
    2. Geocode Template SpreadSheet:
  2. Use Historical Layers in GIS (WebGIS & QGIS)
    1. Mpiwg-berlin GeoServer
      1. WMTS
      2. WebGIS:
    2. WebGIS-Palladio