Brown Bag lunch #S2E04: PLATIN by Jochen Büttner (27 October 2015)

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Notes for Brown-Bag DH workshop S2E04 (27.10.2015): PLATIN as an easy-to-use geospatial visualization tool, by Jochen Büttner

Who: Jaro, Ahmet,Francesca, Felix, Cesare, Jochen, Shih-Pei, Wilko, Robert, Kaijun,Elena, Lino, Josephine, Philipp, Adrian

New! Slides from Jochen Büttner

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Two servers for trying out PLATIN:


PLATIN = Pl(ace) a(nd) ti(me) n(avigator)

  • evolved from Europeana 4D, GeoTemCo
  • developed to map the diffusion of innovation 
  • mapping of "events" instead of merely "locations" -> spacio-temporal
  • data analysis instead of purely data representation
  • user-friendlyness

 PLATIN requires decimal coordinates (lat/long)Online service for entering data and converting placenames to coordinates:


  • Date format: must be years? not sure
  • Fuzzy dates for archeology 
  • shape coloring based on selection
  • CSV -- recommended format (might be generated by Excel) but you can also upload the Excel xls-file.

Different versions of PLATIN: 


Sample dataset:


Questions to discuss:

  • how to control the data quality like coordinates
  • higher resolution than years?