Brown Bag lunch #S2E02: Introducing in-house digital projects (29 September 2015)

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Notes for Brown-Bag DH workshop S2E02 (29.9.2015): Introducting in-house digital projects  

 Who: (Please put your name here) Shih-Pei, Robert, Lino, Ahmet, Jaro, Adrian, Zoe 

1. GMPG: by Jaromir

  • Geschichte der Max-Planck-Gesellschaft/History of the Max Planck Society
  • 6km of paper files
  • Django:
  • Also very recent events. "On the living object".

2. Local Gazetteers Project 

  • Preserve structure in the course of digitization
  • Possibilities for focused search
  • Getting credit for publishing data
  • LGDataverse. Built on Harvard Dataverse.
  • Cf. markup platforms
    • automatic markup
    • also make your manual markup available for further research


3. ISMI: Islamic scientific manuscripts initiative

  • bibbliographic challenges
    • no author, no title, no date
    • comment of comment of text
    • Object-oriented database
  • Tools
    • OpenMind
    • Drupal site
    • full text search
    • Neo4J
    • Platin

Next time: 

Sphaera: headed by Matteo Valleriani Dept. I. 

  • Collect all the editions of "De Sphaera" by Johannes Sacrobosco (astronimy). 1230 AD. 
  • where the books were used, reused, published.