Brown Bag lunch #S2E01: Managing your Bibliography with Zotero (15 September 2015)

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Building a shared bibliography library with Zotero & questions to the library

Who was there: Shih-Pei, Robert, Dirk, Gabriela, Ahmet, Jaro, Sofia, Adrian, Joeri, Urte, Beate, Ralf , Wilko (For people who were not able to attend this meeting, the above participants kindly agreed that you can talk to them to find out what's been discussed in the meeting. ) 

1. Introduction to the whole series (15 mins)


2. Self-intro of the participants (15 mins)


3. Using Zotero to build shared bibliography library (30 mins) by Hartmut Kern and Josephine Fenger

  • Standalone v.s (+) browser plugin
  • Use tags to have different views of the bibliography 
  • store PDFs, space limit, prices
  • Export from EndNote & import to Zotero: YouTube video
  • How to import the fulltext has to be discussed, is there a best practise?
  • Closed or open membership & group library
  • multiple lanugages setting, language tag
  • how well does it work with right-to-left languages?
    • no practical experiences yet, contact the library or support if you have the problem
  • How to deal with backup? Can we find a general solution for that? Library?


4. Questions to the library (15-20 mins)

  • Library catalog support Zotero in the future?


Online videos for Zotero beginners: 


Contact points for Zotero questions:

  • Hartmut Kern (Library)
  • Josephine Fenger (Dept. II)
  • Ralf Hinrichsen (Library)
  • Kate Sturge (responsible person for Zotero at research group "Epistemes of Modern Acoustics")
  • Jaromír Balcar (responsible person for Zotero in project "History of Max Planck Society")


  • The library will provide regular introductory course for Zotero every semester, beginning Jan. 2016!
  • If you need an introduction to Zotero NOW, feel free to contact the library for a one-on-one course (by sending a mail to library@mpiwg)!