DH Workshops - Intro

(On this page you can find the general information about the DH workshops at MPIWG.)

The Brown Bag DH Workshop Series at MPIWG - an informal conversation about digital tools and research methods

The aim of this series of meetings is to bring together in-house researchers in an informal conversation about how to take advantage of digital tools in your research workflows.  Many of our research materials have been digitized as images or texts, and there are various digital tools that can help us organize, process, visualize data. How to select and use tools effectively for one’s research workflow has become a challenge for all of us.  In these brown bag meetings researchers can discuss tools, share experiences (good and bad experiences are both valuable!), and learn from each other. Our three IT researchers:Dirk Wintergruen (Dept. I), Robert Casties (Dept. II), and Shih-Pei Chen (Dept. III), will moderate the conversation and offer advise and assistance. 


The workshops will take place biweekly on Tuesdays at lunch time (12:30-2:00) at Room 265, the conference room at Dept. III. (Exact dates will be announced.) Each meeting will either be a themed discussion, a hands-onworkshop, or a presentation for in-house digital projects to share their experiences in using digital technologies. Please bring your own lunch and also your laptop to check information mentioned by others and to try out solutions right away. We encourage you to bring your own projects and materials to the workshops to better share your problems and to get hands-on experience.  Each workshop will focus on a topic, which will be announced through email one week prior to the events.You can also check the institute’s calendar and this website for latest news. For a full schedule, please see the attached Word file which shall contain the most up-to-date schedule.  




The format of this workshop series was stimulated by THC21 – The Historians Craft in the 21st century, a successful series of meetings organized by three brilliant postdocs and Ph.D. students,  Rachel Leow, Konrad Lawson, & Javier Cha, at Harvard University in year 2012. You can find all their meeting summarieshere: https://idlethink.wordpress.com/thc21/