Installing DELLs RAID management software in Ubuntu

DELL's PowerVault RAIDs, e.g. the MD3800f have no external user interface. To configure the RAID you have to have DELLs admin software. Luckily its available for Linux (desides Windows), unfortunately its not available for Ubuntu (or Debian).

But it is possible to install and use the Java-based "SMclient" GUI admin tool also on Ubuntu:

  1. Download DELLs "Driver DVD" ISO file (e.g. from here)
  2. mount the image using "losetup -f" and "mount"
  3. run the installation program in /linux/mdss_install.bin
  4. it will produce (among other things) a bunch of rpm files in /opt/dell/mdstoragesoftware/mdstoragemanager/
  5. convert the rpm files into debs with "alien --scripts"
  6. install the debs smruntime, smesm and smclient

To run the admin program /opt/dell/mdstoragemanager/client/SMclient I also had to install x11-utils (to get xdpyinfo) and change the shebang in SMclient from /bin/sh to /bin/bash (because Ubuntus /bin/sh is not bash and doesn't understand "source").

Et voila!

P.S. When setting up a DELL RAID don't forget to create a host object for the hosts FC-Adress and bind the virtual disk to a LUN for this host.