Installation of Jetty 9.2 for digilib

Jetty 9 makes it possible to create instances separate from the main installation directory (like Tomcats CATALINA_BASE).

Quick installation instructions are on the Jetty pages.


  1. create instance directory, set JETTY_HOME to installation directory
  2. run java -jar $JETTY_HOME/start.jar --add-to-startd=http,deploy,jsp
  3. run java -jar $JETTY_HOME/start.jar

The HTTP port can be configured in start.d/http.ini in the instance directory.

In my test the "apache" JSP-implementation didn't work and I had to change it to "glassfish" in jsp.init.

As a startup script I had to create a shell script setting some environment variables:

export JETTY_BASE=(my instance directory)
export JETTY_HOME=(the jetty installation directory)
$JETTY_HOME/bin/ $*