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21. May - 30. September 2005

Einstein – His Life's Path

Einstein’s life begins in an epoch characterized by industrial and artistic renewal, and ends within the shadows of confrontation between superpowers on the threshold of nuclear war. His pathway was at the beginning shaped by the industrial and intellectual upheaval of the ninteenth century with its tensions between bohemian and bourgeoise worlds. Towards the end of his pathway he becomes a cultural symbol of an architect of the world of the twentieth century.

His path takes him through many different kinds of worlds, beginning in the middle class world of the family electrical business, confronted by the emergence of a large-scale electrical industry; through to the world of the Swiss Bohème, where he is torn between student pretension and established science. To the world of the Prussian elite, torn between violent nationalism and pacifistic protest; through to the world of Judaism caught between anti-Semitism and new Zionistic beginnings. Finally, to the world of emigration in the tense atmosphere of fortified democracy and political mistrust.

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