Mikrowelt: Nonlineare Diffusionsprozesse

Mikrowelt: Nonlineare Diffusionsprozesse

Ready on the drawing board: ITER, the first experimental reactor
International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor

Partners: Europe, Russia, Japan, USA, China, South Korea (Canada participates via the EU)

Ready on the drawing board first in 1998, revision for cost reduction after disembarkment (1999) of the USA until 2001

After re-embarkment of the USA and accession of South Korea is the future location under debate for a time since the end of 2003 - a political stalemate situation in the obvious context of constellations around the Iraq War. At June 28, 2005, the decision is taken at last at a meeting in Moscow: Cadarache in southern France.

ITER is designed to bring the 'missing' factor 6 of the triple product of temperature, density and confinement time.

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