Transmutation / Chemische Veraenderungen

Transmutation / Chemische Veraenderungen

The Art of Separating, Transforming Precious Metals

In the 16th and 17th centuries, the sovereigns of Europe push ahead with the founding of glassworks. Because wood is both a fuel and a raw material, the forests shrink and croplands emerge.

Because glass is resistant to heat and chemicals and can be manipulated into any shape, its large-scale manufacture dramatically increases the potential for producing, transporting and handling aggressive liquids.

Aqua fortis and aqua regia, which separate silver and gold, the king of metals, by dissolution make it possible to determine the value of coins and jewelry. Alchemists and counterfeiters are revealed to be frauds. Just a stroke on a ceramic plate and one drop of an acid mixture to dissolve the sample expose the fakes.

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