Grenzprobleme der klassischen Physik (OG1)

Grenzprobleme der klassischen Physik (OG1)

Borderline Problems in Classical Physics


You’re exaggerating, my dear Planck. Electrodynamics was the work of Maxwell. I merely tried to free it of a few problems. And it didn’t take much to do that. As I understand things physics is basically simple; it consists merely of aether and atoms. The aether is a continuous medium that fills all of space. It is at rest and bears the waves of light like the sea bears the waves of water. On the other hand matter is composed of atoms which move in the waves of this sea like tiny ships. The sea of aether is ruled by the laws of electrodynamics and the little ships are ruled by the laws of mechanics.


But there are also borderline problems. Wouldn’t we be bound to sense at least a slight perceptible breeze from the aether as we move through it with the Earth?

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