Milieu einer Kindheit: Kindheit, Aetheraufsatz und Revolution

Milieu einer Kindheit: Kindheit, Aetheraufsatz und Revolution

Mileva Marić (1875–1948)

Mileva Marić comes from Serbia and in 1896 starts her studies as the only woman in the mathematics department of the Swiss Federal Polytechnic (Eidgenössische Polytechnikum). There she gets to know Einstein, with whom she intensively discusses mutual interests in physics and study issues. Their friendship soon becomes a love affair, and their outlook on work and life develops together. Einstein’s parents do not approve of their relationship.

In 1902, the birth of their illegitimate daughter, Lieserl, becomes a dilemma in view of Einstein’s precarious vocational prospects, and probably leads to the decision to put the child up for adoption. After their marriage, two sons are born, Hans-Albert in 1904 and Eduard in 1910.

The couple split up immediately after moving to Berlin, and they divorce in 1919. Mileva lives in Zurich until her death, and this period of her life is characterized by frequent illness.

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